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Zig Zag Card (2023)

The Zig Zag Card is my pasteboard paean to Robert Harbin’s classic illusion. It isn’t a gaff.  It serves no secret magical purpose.  It’s a magic-themed tchotchke or trinket.  The center panel merely slides in and out.


The card is a Bicycle Queen of Clubs, available with a blue or red back.  It is two playing cards thick.  It consists of eight pieces, meticulously cut and bonded together with dry mount tissue over a period of two and a half hours. 


I include a PDF explaining the operation and maintenance of the card.  I also suggest two magical applications.


Gary Plants: “Your Zig Zag card is clever!”


Mike Powers:  "Very cool. Your Zig Zag card is an engineering marvel!"


Zig Zag Card (2023)

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