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July, 1980

One Man Parade in The Linking Ring:  "Parallax, An Acquitment, Match, Mania, The Infamous Vanishing Contact, Pasteboard Printery, Star-Trik, Ultimate Card in Pocket, Another Good Hand, Metamorpho Pasteboards, One of the Classics of Magic.”


March, 1991

“Comedy of Errors" in Apocalypse.


September, 1991

“Clear De Lune" in Apocalypse.


November, 1991 

Framed!:  "Comedy of Errors, Parallax, Pasteboard Printery, Star-Trik, Ultimate Card in Pocket, Another Good Hand, Dirty Dealing, Guest Magician's Colonic Card, Sight Gag, Mutated Open Prediction, Sharp-Shooter, Why You Need a Bear Trap!, Clear De Lune, The Drunken Dealer’s Triumphant Return, Hey Neighbor, You’re Screwed!, Bloodhound, Tour De Force, One-Hand Job for Two, The Vegimite Sandwich, Vegaces, Lunar Transport, Sucking Face.”


May, 1992

“Sight Gag" in Apocalypse.


September, 1992

“Rubber Wrangler" in Apocalypse.


August, 1995

“Blind Dates" in Apocalypse.


November, 1995

Scary Hotels lecture notes:  "Parallax, A Really Big Hand (aka "Another Good Hand”), The Drunken Dealer’s Triumphant Return, Boondoggled, A Case of Polygraphy, Well-Appointed Stud, Blind Dates, Leadership Potential.”


October, 1996

One Man Parade in The Linking Ring:  "Trenchcoat, A Case of Polygraphy, Incident in Cincinnati, The Vegimite Sandwich, The Mystic Spinner of Doom, Lunar Transport, Clear De Lune, Rubber Wrangler.”  

(The IBM awarded the parade a plaque for Best Parade of the Year and "The Mystic Spinner of Doomwon the trophy for Best Trick of the Year.)


November, 1996

“Leadership Potential" in Apocalypse.


November, 1996

"Well-Appointed Stud" in The Trap Door.


January, 1997

Covert Operations lecture notes:  "Rubber Wrangler, An Innocent Man, Incident in Cincinnati, Off-Color Sandwich, Forensic Evidence, Free Ace-Ociation, Sandwich Transit, Reversal of Fortune."


August, 1997

“An Innocent Man” in The Linking Ring.


August, 1997

“Reversal of Fortune” in Magic.


October, 1997

“Eventuality Aces” (aka “Free Ace-Ociation”) in Apocalypse.


June, 1998

“Boondoggled” in The Linking Ring.


July, 1998 

“What You Were Thinking” in Magic.


November, 1998

“Off-Color Sandwich” in Magic.


March, 1999

“Forensic Evidence” in Magic.


April, 1999

“The Final Countdown” in Onyx.


May, 1999

“Sandwich Transit” in The Linking Ring.


September, 1999

“The 15 Second Memorized Deck” in Channel One.


October, 1999

“Return of the Fly” in Magic.


March, 2000

“Spellermental” in Channel One.


September, 2000

“A Case of Polygraphy” in Channel One.


December, 2000

“Silent Scream” in The Linking Ring.


April, 2001 

One Man Parade in The Linking Ring:  “Leadership Potential, Doubleless Misdirection Palm, Spellermental, The 15-Second Memorized Deck, Well--Appointed Stud, Blind Dates, Final Countdown, Free Ace-Ociation.”


September, 2001

“Blind-Sided” in Ego #4.


November, 2001

“Comedy of Errors”, “Clear De Lune”, “Sight Gag” and “Rubber Wrangler” in Apocalypse, Volumes 11 - 15.  


March/April, 2002

Download” (with Jeff Pierce & Tom Cutts) in AM/PM.


June, 2002

“Blind Dates”, “Leadership Potential” and “Eventuality Aces” in Apocalypse, Volumes 16 – 20.


November/December 2002

“A Mental Case” in AM/PM.


April, 2004

“A Defective Deck” in Channel One.


September, 2005

“Psyboards” in Magic.


March, 2006

Sinister Ministrations lecture notes:  “The Mystic Spinner of Doom, A Defective Deck, Spellermental, Blind-Sided, The Final Countdown, Psyboards, Kitchen Synch.”


March, 2006

The Hypercard Project.


August, 2006

One-Man issue of “Talk About Tricks” in Magic:  “Blind-Sided, Single Handedly, Blind Dates, Kitchen Sync, Double-Less Misdirection Palm.”


July, 2007

One Man Parade in The Linking Ring:  “No Limit, Blind-Sided, Boondoggled, A Defective Deck, Psyboards, Kitchen Sync.”


August, 2007

“Kitchen Sync” in M-U-M.


November, 2008

“Off-Color Sandwich” in The Linking Ring.


January, 2011

“Leadership Potential” and “Off-Color Sandwich” in Card Magic USA.


October, 2011

Hold ‘Em Magic.


October, 2012

“Son of Hyper-Warp” in The Cardwarp Tour.


December, 2014

“Well Appointed Stud” in The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier.


December, 2015



June, 2019



August, 2019

“Parallax” in The Linking Ring.


November, 2016 to present

Book reviewer for Genii.

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