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The Hypercard Project is the largest collection of Hypercard magic ever assembled.  This slim tome features the works of Don England, Tom Frame, Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner, Ben Harris, Wesley James and Robert Neale.


“Tom, I truly enjoyed your collection of others' and your own contributions to the Hypercard effects. I have some Hypercard ideas of my own and there are a few ideas from your book that I'd like to incorporate into my routine.  Great job!” 


- Daryl



“Being a dedicated anthologizer, eulogizer, compiler and collector of the weird and wonderful artifacts in magicdom, The Hypercard Project massaged my heart.  It is more than a treatise.  It is a robust kit that deconstructs, constructs and converts a very interesting puzzle into vital, entertaining, mind-warping applications.  Don’t delay.  Get ‘hyper’ now!”  


- Jon Racherbaumer



“Tom, your ‘Son of Hyper-Warp’is one of the best ideas to come along in a long time.  Very commercial!  Your thinking and handling sets this effect above the rest!” 


- J.C. Wagner



“Tom Frame’s ‘Son of Hyper-Warp’ artfully blends one of my favorite two-card routines with one of my favorite impossible objects; he has created the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of magic.  While I'm sure you'll be happy if you get a copy of The Hypercard Project, I'll be much happier if you don't.”  


- Michael Weber



Spiral-bound, 8.5” x 11”, 36 pages, with 125 photographs. Included are 12, red, Maiden-back Bicycle gaffs and other materials for performing my “Son of Hyper-Warp” effect, depicted on the cover.  

The Hypercard Project (2006)

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