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The Magneticard is a single Blue-back Bicycle card with a petite, potent magnet buried within it. The neodymium disc magnet is 10mm (3/8”) in diameter and a mere .4mm (1/64”) thick. 


The magnetic is sandwiched between a one-layer face and a one-layer back, which are fused together with two layers of dry mount tissue.  The resultant Magneticard has the stiffness and snap of a regular card. It will pick up and hold a magnetic or steel core quarter, or any small, shimmed object.


Court cards are used for additional camouflage.  


"I don't know what first attracted me to Tom's Magneticard - it may have been the metal fillings in my teeth.  But whatever it was, I'm now an enthusiast!  Caveat:  Keep the card away from your mouth."


- Bob Farmer


Magneticard (2021)

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