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In Hypercase, you’ll learn how to construct this cool, impossible object from a regular Bicycle card case.  You’ll also learn two methods (sleight of hand and gaffed) for performing the following effect: 


The performer removes the deck from the card case and tables the deck.  He holds the card case with its back toward him.  Using a pair of scissors, he cuts the back of the case and covertly manipulates it.  He reveals that he has constructed a Hypercase.  He closes it and stands it upright on its short edge on the table, with its interior facing the crowd. 


A participant selects a card which is then lost in the deck.  The performer riffles the deck behind the Hypercase, causing it to fall forward onto the table.  The participant counts the deck face up onto the table.  There are only 51 cards and her card is not among them.


With empty hands, the performer picks up the hypercase.  The participant names her card.  The performer opens the flap and removes her card from the hypercase.  He immediately hands the hypercase to the participant for inspection.  



“You’re a madman!” 


- Bob Farmer



“I’ll get my DIY stuff out and make one of these.  Your Hypercase looks totally trippy! It definitely fits my infatuation with the 4th dimension.”   


- Mike Powers



“Hypercase is well-done and delicious!” 


- Jon Racherbaumer



22 pages with 43 photographs.



Hypercase (2019) PDF

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