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Hold ‘Em Magic is an amazing assemblage of card magic involving Texas Hold ‘Em poker.  Twenty-seven of the greatest thinkers in gambling magic from five countries contributed 34 of their astounding effects to this unique compendium.  You’ll learn marvelous magic from this premier pack of prestidigitative players: 


Ashford • John Bannon • Norman Beck • Larry Becker • John B. Born • Gene Castillon Sterling Dare • Lee Earle • Jason England • Steve Ehlers • Don England • Bob Farmer Tom Frame • Ben Harris • J.K. Hartman • Bobby Hasbun • Josh Jay • Jay Jayaraman • Stu Lewis • Sal Piacente • Gianfranco Preverino • Aaron Shields • Paul Tuohy • Michael Weber • Chris Westfall • Meir Yedid and Paul Wilson.



"Tom Frame has filled a void in the literature that has been present for years since the advent of the popularity of Texas Hold 'Em. His book brings gambling themed card magic into the 21st century."


- Jack Carpenter



"With contributions from a veritable who’s who in card magic, you are sure to find a Hold ‘Em poker routine that suits both your skill level and presentation style. Bravo, Tom!"


- Paul Cummins



"The effects in this book are excellent. Some, in fact, are downright brilliant! Tom has done a great job of extracting the very best Hold ‘Em effects from some of the finest magicians in the world. Excellent job, Mr. Frame."


- Jason England



"Seldom can a magic book be truly called one-of-a-kind or maybe first-of-its-kind, but this one sure can. The entire book is first class, from the tricks to the references to the quotations."


Bob Farmer



"Hold 'Em Magic contains its share of the standard plot used in over eighty percent of all poker deal routines, namely, a strong hand gets beat by a royal flush. But it also contains an amazing variety of card and mental magic presentations. You can find techniques and artifice described that will be very useful in your arsenal of non-poker routines. If you like card magic themed around poker, then you will be rewarded by studying this book."


- Dan Garret, MUM, June 2012



"Notwithstanding its common theme, one of the more amazing aspects of your book is the distinctly uncommon variety of techniques, concepts, and approaches that have been so cleverly and practically applied. It thus is far more than a collection of fine tricks - it's a study in the thinking processes of a group of fine creators. Flavored throughout with the author's subtle humor and topped off with terrific presentational background by Jason England, the book is an unquestioned Buy 'Em and Hold 'Em."


J. K. Hartman



"If you are a player, purveyor, prestidigitator, prodigy, professional, or pasteboard presenter, you will not only embrace Hold 'Em Magic, you will bear-hug it, dog-ear it, devour it, and then recklessly use it."


- Jon Racherbaumer



"Looking for a routine about Texas Hold ‘Em? I’m willing to bet you’ll get the nuts in Tom Frame’s clever collection. Mr. Frame has managed to fill an entire book with routines themed around Hold ‘Em. If you find yourself interested in the basic premise at work here, then there is truly something for everyone within the pages of Mr. Frame’s new book."


Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii, January 2012



Hardback, 6” x 9”, 197 pages with 110 photographs.

Hold 'Em Magic (2011)

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