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Framework is a collection of 34 of my best card effects.  Each copy includes 12 Bicycle gaffs for “Son of Hyper-Warp.” 



“Tom Frame’s book, Framework, has some magnificent routines, fun patter, and some great tweaks to some standard moves.  I can honestly say I am a better cardician now than I was before reading this book.” 


- Allan Ackerman  



“I know it’s called Framework, but Tom serves up the whole enchilada: interesting tricks with diverse (and many times, devious) methods, each wrapped up in a quirky presentation.  You’ll have fun with this wide-ranging collection of his best, fully-baked card routines.” 


- John Bannon  



“All other things being equal, what separates a magician from the rest of the crowd is choice of material. Card enthusiasts will find some strong contenders in the pages of Framework. I enjoyed it. I think you will, too.” 


- Mike Close, MUM November 2015  



"In his latest book Framework, Tom Frame has assembled another fascinating collection of top quality card magic. The serious card magician will find plenty of effects and ideas to mystify and entertain every type of audience." 


- Jason England



“Tom's elegant, thoughtful Framework will be a welcomed happy thing for the serious sleight of hand aficionado." 


- Paul Harris  



"I’m really enjoying Framework. The effects are strong, the methods are sound, crisp and direct. The book is certainly one of the best I’ve encountered in quite a while." 


- J.K. Hartman  



“Framework is a font of good ideas and devilishly clever variations. Tom Frame has a real knack for seeing what others might miss; for breathing new life into old plots, principles and methods.  He also has a keen eye for detail.  I love powerful effects with simple methods and, as always, Tom doesn't disappoint.” 


- Paul Wilson



Hardback, 7” x 10”, 294 pages, with 238 photographs.  

Framework (2015)

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